RTU Systems and IEC61850 Communication

Some of the Communicaiton Protocols we use;

  • IEC61850
  • IEC 61870-5-104
  • IEC 61870-5-103,
  • IEC 61870-5-101,
  • Modbus TCP / RTU
  • OPC

RTU (Remote Terminal Unite) Solutions

RTU is an electronic device with real-time data collection and storage capability that enables communication between physical field equipment and SCADA systems.

For RTU system solutions “Enoks Energy” offers ABB, Schneider or Siemens equipments.

Report Systems Solutions

For report system solutions “Enoks Energy” offers SQL database. It offers solutions with its own Professional software system.The use of SQL databases allows a high amount of data to be stored in the long run.

All data are recorded can be retrospectively questionable in the database during certain periods and can be transferred to Excel format. All data can be reported graphically retrospectively on demand.